How to develop online hotel booking engine website for the hotel business.


As we all know hotel industry is growing with faster pace in current scenario and generating huge revenue for travel industry. All hotels have their own websites for bookings. Whether it is about summer vacations, family holidays, or business trips, people are becoming more dependent on internet, as it is very easy to use, less costly, having faster booking process with accurate information and also very much convenient which help customers in saving lot of time. Basically,hotelbooking engine helps in online booking process. It helps in displaying direct information on website; customer can check status online simply by visiting hotel official website and accordingly can make decisions. It is always preferable to do advanced booking to avoid hassle and after doing online booking, customer is just required to take print out along as a proof at the time of visiting the same hotel. Ultimately, hotel industry is leading towards increasing profit by increasing their customers.


So, booking engine plays a vital role in hotel industry as it helps in converting the target customers from lookers to bookers. And to make booking engine even more efficient and effective few things should be kept in mind and they are as follows.


  • Booking Forms
    Booking form should be simple and easy to understand for the customers.
  • Relevant details
    All the relevant details should be present including number of room available, their categories and dates.
  • Search Result
    Search result should be faster, because many times customer lose their patience and switches to some other website which can cause loss to the hotel.
  • Booking process
    Booking process should be quick with instant reservation facility.
  • If booked
    If booked any room in the hotel, then it should be mentioned in the booking engine to avoid any kind of confusion for the other customers.
  • Cancellation
    Once booking is cancelled by any customer, the detail should again become available and should be displayed in search result.
  • Pictures of room
    Pictures of rooms should be clicked from different angles and should be uploaded on website to help customers in making better choice.
  • No hidden cost
    There should not be any hidden cost, and mentioned price of package on the website should be including all the taxes to avoid confusion.
  • Any changes
    If there will be any change in the package by the hotel, then it should be informed to customer by email or by message.
  • Confirmation
    Instant confirmation message should be sent to customer.
  • Payment option
    There should be presence of multiple payment options including debit cards, credit cards or internet banking.
  • Single page
    All the booking should be done on single page; it helps customers to realize that the process was truly very simple and easy to use.
  • Smart phones
    There should be option of doing online bookings with the help of the smart phones.
  • Availability
    The website should be available for 24*7 days to provide their services.
  • Add on options
    They can also add some other features such as room upgrades, extended stay option, spa package, airport transfer, city tours, etc.
  • Extra features
    Automated image slideshows, side by side room comparisons, videos, virtual tours, etc can be add on website as an extra feature to attract customers.
  • Pricing detail
    Pricing detail should be clear such as price per room, price per person, etc.
  • Accurate information
    Booking engine should always display true and accurate information about the hotel.
  • Double booking
    Online hotel booking also reduces the chance of occurring double booking situation. In making the hotel industry so profitable, hotel booking engine plays a vital role, which results in attracting more and more customers from all over the world with just one single shot.

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